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My new Eiffel Tower

When I walked outside and there were boxes scattered all over the drive way, it became real.  I just sat on the one little step that led into the doorway and watched, as what felt like our whole life,  packed into moving crates and trucks.  I remember thinking, “Well, this is it!  The end of the awesome.”  Inside my head, a little movie was playing in which it was pouring down rain and I was in the middle of the street on my knees with my hands clutched to my heart, screaming NO towards the heavens.  Yes, it was just like that.

Over the course of the next week several amazing things happened, (including a ride back to the States in First Class) in which God was trying to show me that it was just the beginning of the awesome, not the end.  I was blind, people. Blind!   I was pouting in the corner going through a mental check list of cities that I would never see again.  No longer could I hop on the train and be in Paris under the Eiffel Tower in less than three hours.  The little movie inside my head was now taking place in front of the Louvre.

We landed in America on a Monday morning, and by Monday afternoon as we were driving through D.C. I was totally over it.  I’m not sure if it was driving past the mall that did it, or the second Bed, Bath and Beyond.  All three of us were just randomly shouting out restaurants and shops as we drove past them.  Oh yes, we have arrived and here to stimulate the economy.

If you know me at all, you know that I’m the most patriotic person ever.  (Yes, the house we are building is actually gonna be Red, White, and Blue and I’m totally thrilled by that fact!  Plus we get fireworks here every weekend during baseball season, and that alone is enough to plant me here and I may never ever leave.)  So to be in the Washington D.C. area is actually a dream come true.  A dream I didn’t even know I had.

I have a new Eiffel Tower.  This one is closer, and means a lot more to me.  Oh sure, I’m gonna miss the old one, but not that much.


**word art by Paislee Press**

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September 26, 2012 - 2:36 am

Eric and Heidi - A dream you didn’t even know you had. I love that. I honestly and truly am so excited for you!

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