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So far the count goes like this:
Three continents
Two islands
Ten apartments/rent houses/homes
Two homes owned and in a few weeks we will close on one more.

That’s a lot of moving folks, but most of the people I know have done twice
That is also a lot of paint parties, scraping wallpaper off weekends, vinyl
letter placement afternoons, and stenciling/sponging nap times. And by a
lot, I mean years off my life ya’ll. Years!

A few months ago, I had the great pleasure of having my Mom and sister visit
for one last European jaunt. I had the guest room all set up with my tea
cups and an old German buffet, the wall a nice sunny yellow. As I’m doing
laundry, Mom comes in with the wall art that was hanging above the bed.
“What is THIS?” she asks me.
“Um, DUH, it’s a flower vase,” I say.
“Well, WHY is it hanging in your house? Cause really Staci, it’s the
ugliest thing ever! Why isn’t YOUR art hanging there?”
I will admit, it was pretty much just a piece of dollar store art. I was
just never down in the guest room much.
Honestly, upstairs my home was full of MY art. I truly believe that the
most beautiful thing in the world is my family. I believe the most
beautiful places on earth are the places we have visited together. And
having lived in all those houses and homes, the most beautiful one is the
one I’m living in now, cause we are together. (Even though we currently
have no furniture and are sleeping on a mattress on the floor. We have been
doing this for the last 3 months, but the end is in sight!) Don’t get me
wrong, I appreciate a great piece of art and there are a couple of Thomas
Kinkade’s in my storage unit;)

When I walk into someone’s home, I don’t gravitate to the paintings, I head
straight for the portraits! It’s the smiles and the memories held in those
shots that tell me about you and your family. Nothing thrills my heart more
than to walk into a clients home and see a fabulous piece of portrait art
hanging on the wall! Yes, ART! Your family is YOUR greatest Masterpiece!
That masterpiece should be front and center!
Of course we will paint, and wallpaper, and stencil. Just make sure that
your masterpiece shines!

I love what Heather did with her images from our recent photo sessions.
A 24 x 36 canvas of her favorite! And another canvas with all the best from
the session.

Aren’t they just stunning! A timeless treasure of memories!

Now wait a sec! Don’t freak out! If you are unsure of which image or how
you would like to display it, just talk to me. I have ways to show you
exactly how your image will look, which size would be perfect, and what
placement would best suit the needs of your home and vision. We go over all
of this at your “view and choose” appointment.



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