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Inching Along…


Slowly, slowly, inch by inch, moving along.
Sometimes is seems super fast. Like when I look at my little man, who is not little and is in full blown teenager mode and talking about cars and driving permits.
Other times it seems that the inch is ten miles long and we will never get there. Like when driving from the east coast to Texas and being excited to cross the Texas border and still having 8 hours to go. (I almost gave up road tripping forever that day!)

Things that have happened in my absence from this little space:

I’ve become soul-mates with “Uncle Sam” our new home, spending lots of time within his walls making this house “ours” and a “home.” Which is fine. I’ve always been sort of a homebody of sorts anyway.

I said good bye to Charlotte and hello to Delilah. Going to the grocery store is an adventure now. Seriously. So, so, so, awesome.

There has been busyness and there has been boredom. There has been despair and deliverance. Mostly deliverance.

Reading, lots of reading, and cooking and planning and “togethering.” Of course the “togethering” is my favorite. Not sure if that’s a word, but I’m making it one now if it’s not.

Traveling with lots of traveling planned.

Gardens have been planted and harvested and planted again. I have found real love in my small garden. Growing and canning.

Settling in and finding “our” place here. Missing our old life a lot and trying to add those favorite things into the hustle and busyness of America. It’s harder than it looks, but we are making it.

Basically, Life. Everyday, ordinary life, has been happening here.

I did put my camera away for a while. I wasn’t exactly sure how that was going to fit within my life now. There were days and weeks even when I didn’t think about it, but there were days when I wouldn’t put it down and I would day dream about projects and wall galleries. I’ve missed it. Now that we seem to have a rhythm and routine, I’ve realized that I need it.

So I’m working on the new website. Seeing all of my old clients faces and portraits is so exciting and I miss all of them. Reconnecting with them is inspiring. Truly.
Building websites is slow work, and not my favorite at all.
But slowly, slowly, inch by inch I’m moving along with it.
I can’t wait to show you and I’m beyond excited for what’s to come.

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