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So far the count goes like this: Three continents Two islands Ten apartments/rent houses/homes Two homes owned and inView full post »


I had no idea what I was getting into.  Seven years ago, when I stepped off that plane.  I had no idea. I honestlyView full post »


Summer…I just love that word. Warm weather  (or warmer I should say.  What’s up with this 50 degree stuff?)View full post »

Seriously Awesome | KMC Portrait Photographer

Yesterday was a super special day at my house. There was no big party or crazy celebration.  In fact, we got up asView full post »

The day my Mom shot me

First you need a little back story. I have this crazy, irrational fear/phobia of getting shot.  Shot with a gun andView full post »

From the Red Couch | KMC Family Photographer

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing some of my favorite shots from “the Red Couch” lastView full post »

Looking forward to…

I don’t think there is anyone or anything that can describe the feelings you have as a parent until you are oneView full post »

Levels | KMC Portrait Photographer

Sometimes it’s hard to describe love.  I don’t think there are different types of love, maybe justView full post »

A little Light | KMC Portrait Photographer

When I meet them, they had only been a family of four about a week.  The smallest of them had just joined the familyView full post »

Connections | KMC Family Portrait Photographer

Seems the last month or so my life has been all about connections!  Mostly Airline connections, and running throughView full post »

Sweet Giggles | KMC Portrait Photographer

I’d been waiting for this shoot for months!  When Mom called and told me she wanted wild flowers and whiteView full post »

A little Sunshine | KMC Portrait Photographer

Okay, maybe not a little, A LOT of SUNSHINE!  Loving this very uncommon weather we are having in Germany right nowView full post »

Golden Ticket

Last November I received the best e-mail EVER from my Mom.  I immediately printed it out, and hugged that piece ofView full post »

what I missed

This post may be lost on most of you, but it was a rough weekend and start to the week for our house. It all startedView full post »