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Inching Along…

Slowly, slowly, inch by inch, moving along. Sometimes is seems super fast. Like when I look at my little man, who isView full post »


I had no idea what I was getting into.  Seven years ago, when I stepped off that plane.  I had no idea. I honestlyView full post »

Seriously Awesome | KMC Portrait Photographer

Yesterday was a super special day at my house. There was no big party or crazy celebration.  In fact, we got up asView full post »

The day my Mom shot me

First you need a little back story. I have this crazy, irrational fear/phobia of getting shot.  Shot with a gun andView full post »

Looking forward to…

I don’t think there is anyone or anything that can describe the feelings you have as a parent until you are oneView full post »

The Story

A couple of days ago, I posted a picture to my personal Facebook account.  I’ve gotten a few questions about itView full post »

Not on the list!

Every year on my birthday I make a list.  I know you are shocked!  Me?!  Make a list?!  Why yes!  A list! It&#View full post »

what I missed

This post may be lost on most of you, but it was a rough weekend and start to the week for our house. It all startedView full post »

I’ve been meaning to…

I’ve been meaning to take get a new family portrait…. Ever said that?  Yeah, me too.  ABOUT A MILLION TIMES! ButView full post »

Subtle | KMC Newborn, Baby, Child, Family Portrait Photographer

Oh Summer with your bright bold hues!  That’s always what I see when I think of summer.  RED, BLUE, YELLOW!  View full post »

Fireworks! | KMC Newborn, Baby, Child, Family Photographer

To say that I’m obsessed with fireworks is a gross underestimation.  When 4th of July fireworks are around, IView full post »

How He Loves Us | KMC Portrait Photographer

Yesterday the weather was just beautiful! Summer.   When I say that word, Summer, I take a nice deep breath and sighView full post »

Happy, Happy! | KMC Portrait Photographer

Working in a job like this brings many different people into my life.  And seriously people, I LOVE IT!  LOVE.  ITView full post »

What we did on spring break…

We held up a tower Basked in the sun Ate lots of pasta Took several afternoon naps Dug our toes in the sand SearchedView full post »


So it stinks. Really, really, stinks sometimes to be a military spouse.  So many people coming and going, but mostlyView full post »