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I’m late! I’m late!….|KMC Newborn Photographer

First of all let me just say, TIME JUST FLIES when you aren’t looking! Seriously. I was just taking a look at ye olView full post »

Three | KMC Newborn Photographer

For the last week I’ve had that old School House Rock Song, Three, stuck in my head.  There is that sweetView full post »

Little Angel | KMC Newborn Portrait Photographer

I’m pretty sure that if you look hard enough you’ll see her wings.  We moved her, and flipped her, andView full post »

Sweet Baby D | KMC Newborn Photographer

Meet the adorable and charming Baby D.  Baby D seems to be the “mini me” version of his big brother, andView full post »

Pure Sweetness | KMC Newborn Photographer

Sometime there are just no words to describe how sweet and wonderful a new baby is.  I guess that is why we haveView full post »

Time Flies! | KMC Newborn, Baby Photographer

Time Flies.  You blink and it’s already October! Got to spend the morning with two lovely ladies! Hard toView full post »

Monday | KMC Newborn Photographer

What a perfect way to spend a Monday….View full post »

Newborn | KMC Newborn, Baby, Children’s Photographer

How can you not love the wonderful, magical, fantastical newborn?  Sometimes I get a freaked out when I think aboutView full post »

It’s all in the details|KMC Newborn Photographer

When they are this small…it really is all in the details. Tiny hands… The cowlick that was passed downView full post »

The Italian Job…

Wow!  I just realized that I hadn’t posted to this blog the whole month of March.  What can I say?  I stinkView full post »

New little one!

  Look at these lips.  I just can’t get over how perfect these little lips are.  Only a few days old and soView full post »

Tiny Little One

I had a whole other post planned, but when I started working on these I just couldn’t wait to share a littleView full post »


“What I do today is important because, I am exchanging a day of my life for it.”   Boy that sure made meView full post »

You’d think it was spring break or something…

But spring break was totally nasty here.  And today!!  Today was beautiful!  I even put on flip flops and laughedView full post »