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So far the count goes like this: Three continents Two islands Ten apartments/rent houses/homes Two homes owned and inView full post »


I had no idea what I was getting into.  Seven years ago, when I stepped off that plane.  I had no idea. I honestlyView full post »


Summer…I just love that word. Warm weather  (or warmer I should say.  What’s up with this 50 degree stuff?)View full post »

The Story

A couple of days ago, I posted a picture to my personal Facebook account.  I’ve gotten a few questions about itView full post »

Connections | KMC Family Portrait Photographer

Seems the last month or so my life has been all about connections!  Mostly Airline connections, and running throughView full post »

Not on the list!

Every year on my birthday I make a list.  I know you are shocked!  Me?!  Make a list?!  Why yes!  A list! It&#View full post »

Oh the Snee! | KMC Portrait Photographer

You might remember this tree from last year… I had to read that post again for myself! We are setting out on aView full post »

Happy, Happy! | KMC Portrait Photographer

Working in a job like this brings many different people into my life.  And seriously people, I LOVE IT!  LOVE.  ITView full post »

It’s all in the details|KMC Newborn Photographer

When they are this small…it really is all in the details. Tiny hands… The cowlick that was passed downView full post »

The Italian Job…

Wow!  I just realized that I hadn’t posted to this blog the whole month of March.  What can I say?  I stinkView full post »

I love Paris in the Spring…

While I was in Paris I had the opportunity to photography a lovely couple!     Talk about super fun!  And withView full post »

Vague memories

“The last stroke of midnight dies. All day in the one chair From dream to dream and rhyme to rhyme I have ranged InView full post »

Cruising Day One….

As most of you know we have been G.O.N.E.  cruising the wide open seas.  Well, not really wide open, but when youView full post »

Did I mention…

blog block? no words, just pictures….View full post »

sneak peek…

I realize these are a little small…but they are just meant to go together, so that’s the way I want youView full post »