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Summer…I just love that word.
Warm weather  (or warmer I should say.  What’s up with this 50 degree stuff?)
Lazy, carefree days
All the yards and windows lined with beautiful flowers
Field of green
Bike rides
Neighborhood bar-b-ques
Driving with the sunroof open, the radio blasting, and the wind in your hair
Park play dates
Dinner on the patio
Swimming pools
and don’t forget,  FIREWORKS!

The little man and I are not normally here (Germany) for the summer.  We always seem to take this time and share it with family in Texas.  Summer for us is a true vacation.  We play horseshoes and have popsicle eating contests.  We ride four-wheelers and measure who can slide the longest on the slip ‘n slide.  We watch Cartoon Network and shop at Wal-mart everyday!  We try and sneak in the kitchen while Mamaw is making her “Chocolate Chip Cake” so we can catch that secret ingredient she must put in there because her’s always turns out perfect and mine is a chocolate mush at the top.  We lay on one of Grannie Dot’s quilts at the 50 yard line of the High School football field and eat hotdogs while we are waiting for the fireworks show to start.  We sit in the Gazebo and look at magazines while drinking sweet tea and dream new design plans and solve the world’s problems.

These little Texas, boot clad feet are attached to the faces that I adore the most.  Their smiles and laugher, their stories and adventures are what make our summers so full of life and color.  And I will miss them this year.  Too much packing and planning and paper signing going on here.  Instead, we will be soaking up every last drop of summer we can squeeze out in this last month in Germany.

My heart will be in Texas though, doing all those things above.


**This post is part of a circle of friends and other military photographers from around the world sharing their thoughts on the “colors of summer.”  Please click to follow Amy next!

***Thanks for hanging with me during my blog hiatus.  You would think this was my first move with the military as my thoughts and actions seem to be so scattered.  Change is coming faster and harder than I expected.  It’s good change, great change, but it’s still change and I seem to be hanging on to the things I know with both hands.   My “fly by the seat of my pants” attitude has just flown out the window!

June 22, 2012 - 11:27 am

colors of summer » meredith novario - [...] military spouse photographers who are sharing their take on the theme Colors of Summer. Click HERE to see Staci’s post. And then click on from her post. [...]

June 22, 2012 - 12:55 pm

Serena Nicole - You said fireworks. Fireworks will always make me think of you!

June 22, 2012 - 2:48 pm

Katie Smith - Cute boots! I see those flowers in fields near my home in Texas so it definitely makes me think of here. Good luck with your move!

June 26, 2012 - 7:30 am

staci - LOL! Serena! I tried to hold off on the over use of the word “fireworks!” It is my favorite!

July 7, 2012 - 2:16 am

Kricia - LOVE feet shots, that is so cute! I’m quite jealous of you lovely ladies who are getting to live in Germany, I hope that you have a great transition and best of luck in your life there!

July 20, 2012 - 2:26 pm

the texture of us » meredith novario - [...] military spouse photographers who are sharing their take on the theme Colors of Summer. Click HERE to see Staci’s post. And then click on from her post. Infinity. Posted in kiddos, MSP Blog [...]

Seriously Awesome | KMC Portrait Photographer

Yesterday was a super special day at my house.
There was no big party or crazy celebration.  In fact, we got up as normal and the little man got ready for school and the big man left early for the gym and work.  I meet the big man for lunch and coffee.  Once we were all back home we did a bit of cleaning out and organizing to ready ourselves for the next move.  We ate dinner and watched TV.  Just like normal.  It was pretty perfect.
The perfect kind of celebration that the big man likes.  No fanfare.  No crowds to mess with.  Just us.
Occasionally we would look at each other and say, “19!”  Then we would give each other a “high five” and move on.

I’ve made some seriously awesome memories with this guy over the years.  We’ve also been on some seriously awesome adventures together.
I’ll say it again, We would make a seriously awesome reality show…or book.
Seriously,  Seriously Awesome!;)

And KDP I know that you are reading this and I really think you are seriously awesome.


Boudoir Marathon | KMC Portrait Photographer

Just had a spot open up for the Boudoir Marathon that will be held next week, March 29-30.  The setting is a super swanky hotel in Downtown K-town with lots of modern touches.

If you have been thinking of a Boudoir session this is the perfect time!  It’s the perfect chance to pamper yourself and I promise when you leave you will feel like a million bucks!

Contact me for more details!


The day my Mom shot me

First you need a little back story.
I have this crazy, irrational fear/phobia of getting shot.  Shot with a gun and bullets, not a camera.  It makes no sense, and I have no interesting story of where this came from or why I even have it.  It’s just that loud gunshot type noises, cause me to “duck and cover.”  Yes, I’m serious.  For example, in the middle of the night a large framed photo fell off the wall and hit a pot plant making a very loud noise.  Before my husband could even register that something had happened, I was up, out of bed, and face down on the floor.  Example number two:  We have a projector downstairs in our home theater room.  When a bulb burns out in a projector, it usually explodes.  Just so happens we were watching a movie when one of the bulbs exploded.  Once again, when the lights come on, I am face down on the floor because I thought someone was shooting at me.  These are just two of the examples that I’m willing to share.  There are more.

A few months ago, I told my Mom that I wanted some new bedding in the master bedroom.  I sent her a picture from a catalog, and asked her to make it.  (She’s good like that!  She can make anything!)  For Valentines Day, I received my new awesome bedding, complete with pillows!  Chenille pillows with little squares of chenille in the bedding!  It’s totally fantastically amazing.


So yesterday I’m making up the bed and that little pillow in the middle had fallen to the floor.  I picked it up and thought I would just “fluff” it really quick.  So I grab the corner of the pillow, pop my knee out, raise the pillow up to my head, bring it down to my knee, and WHAM!
The most intense pain, seriously.  So much so that it knocks me to the floor and I’m pretty sure I blacked out.
As I’m laying on the floor this is my thought, “Well, it finally happened.  I’ve been SHOT in the knee!”
Really, why wouldn’t I think that.  I mean WHAT ON EARTH could be in a PILLOW that wasn’t all nice and fluffy soft??!!
I laid on the floor for a good five minutes just trying to figure out what the HECK had just happened!
When I realized it was “safe” to move again, I felt the pillow and it dawned on me:  THE ELF!

The story of the Elf.
Many moons ago, I was out shopping with my Mom.  She is “Christmas Crazy” and it was the middle of summer, but we were in a Christmas store.  I was looking at a cute little stocking, and when I touched it, the crazy little elf stocking holder came crashing to the floor.  It broke into several pieces and those pieces scattered to every corner.   It took a good ten minutes to crawl under all the displays to find them!   And after all of that, the little sales lady made me buy the stinking, broken, ugly elf.
Once we were back home, my Mom lovingly glued him back together claiming that “he’s not that bad, almost kind of cute!”  I was pretty much just sore about the whole deal, and never wanted to see that little thing again!  I told her if she liked it so much then she should keep it!  So I put “Twinkle Toes” in her kitchen window, and there it stayed the whole trip.
After I arrived to my own home, I was unpacking my suitcase and what do I see?!!  That ugly stinking elf!  Twinkle Toes had been put in my suitcase…I think another part of him had been broken off in trip.  UGGG!!!  So I wrapped him up with a little note, and mailed him back to my Mom.
So began the travels of Twinkle Toes.  Back and forth with different packages.  Back and forth on trips and in suitcases.  Once I hid it in her house so well that she didn’t find it for almost two years!  When I was home this past summer, I made the mistake of letting the little man in on the secret hiding place, and I think he told Mom.  She tried to sneak it out in a “special box”, but I found it and left it with my Grandmother.    This time my sneaky little Mom had sewn Twinkle Toes into the pillow.  Touché, Mom, touché!
Over his travels he’s been broken again and again, and we just keep gluing him back together.

I have to admit, this was a good one Mom!  I might not have ever found it, had you not tried to shot me.  Lesson learned:  Always be on the look out.  You never know when “Twinkle Toes” might show up!  (or someone could be shooting at you!)

Stay safe out there people…it’s a crazy world!



From the Red Couch | KMC Family Photographer

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing some of my favorite shots from “the Red Couch” last fall.


I love this family!  LOVE them.  I think they know it too because I pretty much stalk them!  I’ve been trying to give them some space over the last couple of months so that I don’t get arrested!  (I actually have a funny story about getting arrested for stalking…wasn’t funny at the time, but it’s crazy hilarious now!  But, seriously, I’m not a weird-o…really!)
This Momma and Daddy can throw a killer cocktail party!  And I don’t want to brag or anything, but my hubby is in possession of their very famous “Cranberry Margarita” recipe!  See, they love us too!  We may or may not have it framed in our kitchen.  That’s not stalker-ish at all, is it?

And if you have heard the rumors that I am leaving this summer…they are true.  Sad faces all around.  There is still time to get in one last Simply Taken Portraits session!  Keep your eyes peeled for a special “last chance” family day coming out in the newsletter.

I know that you are reading this KDP and sitting here across from you while you are working on your classes is very inspiring.


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