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Looking forward to…

I don’t think there is anyone or anything that can describe the feelings you have as a parent until you are one.  “Love” doesn’t come anywhere close honestly.   I could list additives here all day and fill pages and pages until I ran out, and still NOT describe to you that feeling.
Most of you have heard me say the following:  “When my little man was 1 year old, I thought it was the best age ever and I just wanted to stop time!  Then he turned 2 and I said I was wrong, because 2 is the best age ever!  Then it was 3!  And every year I think this is the best year ever!  It just really gets better and better!”
I still mean every word of that.  The challenges are different and sometimes being a parent breaks my heart for my little man.  But there is still nothing in the world better than being his mom and knowing that I was given the gift of him!

Everyday, one of the things that I look forward to the most is seeing this kid-o jump off the bus and greet me with a “Hi Mom!  How was your day?”

I know that you are reading this KDP and I want you to know that yesterday’s “living room battle” melted my heart and I will forever remember the laughter that rang through our home.




Levels | KMC Portrait Photographer

Sometimes it’s hard to describe love.  I don’t think there are different types of love, maybe just different levels of love.  I mean, I love a sunny day.  I also love cake, but not on the same level as I love my family.  Get it?  Levels.
Three years ago, if you told me that I would love a dog on that same level as my family, I would have laughed in your face.  But it happened.  I guess it really is hard to explain to a “non” pet owner.   It’s really is true though, they become members of your family.  Sophie is like my second child.  There was a time when she was crazy sick for two weeks and I couldn’t leave her side.  So when I was contacted by this family, there was no question about it.      We were gonna take some wonderful family pictures and Maggie would be the star.
A few weeks before the family found out some horrible news.  Maggie was sick.  Very sick.  The Dr. didn’t give her much time, but they were trying some experimental therapies and things were looking okay but not great.  Now was the perfect time to see her in action, because she still felt good enough to do some of her favorite things.
During the shoot we talked a lot about Maggie.  I learned that she went to school and played with the kids quite a lot.  Her favorite treat was hotdogs.  She loved to walk the trails behind her house and chase butterflies in the open field.  Maggie had a particular disdain for a “certain” neighbor dog, but we are all like that sometimes.  She watched one special boy grow up and move off to collage.  She slept in the “big bed” and had a special ramp so that she didn’t have to jump.
We took things slow and hit all of her favorite hangouts.  She even got to swim in the fountain, where she found a stick that she carried around for the rest of the shoot.


A few weeks later I got the e-mail that said Maggie hadn’t made it.  My heart broke.  Maggie was loved on a different level. A high, deep, reserved for family level.
I’m sure she is chasing butterflies and eating all the hot dogs she wants now.  Here though, she is more than missed.

A little Light | KMC Portrait Photographer

When I meet them, they had only been a family of four about a week.  The smallest of them had just joined the family.   She was a little shy and clung to her Momma’s legs.  Just being an observer, you would have never known just how new this adventure really was.
I just recently heard the story of how this little one came to join the family.  I wouldn’t say that it was without its “hiccups,” but it’s pretty wonderful and I think the reason that things looked so effortless that day is because they were just meant to be.  Meant to be THIS family.


As I watched and spoke with them, and even since as I have watched them on Facebook and the web, this quote kept making it’s way to the front of my heart.

“Sometimes someone else comes along with so much light in her that you can’t help but see your own light, and when you’re together that light glows even brighter.”

She has that way about her.  So small but touching all those that she meets, without even knowing it.  One to watch, my friends.  Greatness in the making.

The Story

A couple of days ago, I posted a picture to my personal Facebook account.  I’ve gotten a few questions about it, so I thought I would share the story here.

Several years ago, my little family took a trip to Rome.  As we were touring the streets, we came across a fence lined with locks and on these locks were names and dates.  I was totally intrigued so asked our tour guide what the deal was.  He said that people get married at the church around the corner and then come and put a lock with the date on the fence just outside the church.  He waived his hand as if to dismiss the whole idea as a little childish, but I was thrilled!  HOW NEAT!

Over the years, I’ve been on a search for more of these “locks” and I’ve seen a few scattered at various places.  Mostly just a couple here and there and even some being cut off of a famous tower in Florence.  We were going to search out the “lock bridge” while in Prague, but never got around to it.

Earlier this month, my family took a little trip to Cologne to visit the Christmas Market.  As we are getting ready to leave the next day, my hubby says that he wanted to stop by the “lock bridge” on the way out.

WHAT?!!  There is a lock bridge?!  Oh, how awesome!

Off we go, and find parking pretty easily.  This my friends, is the ULTIMATE lock bridge.  And by Ultimate, I mean most awesome, fantastic, biggest, longest, billions of locks, I’ve EVER seen.  It seriously took my breath.

So I’m going a little “snap happy” taking tons of shots of the different locks that I think are pretty neat.  Old ones, new ones, fancy ones, plain ones.


My hubby taps me on the shoulder and says, “Hey Staci, look at this one.”  I turn and in his hands is a lock with two keys.
I can tell you for a fact that right at that moment, my heart melted and rolled right out onto that bridge.

So not only did I get to see the best “lock bridge” in the world, but my love is locked on there as well.
He is the most amazing man, and totally “gets” me.  I have been blessed.
And if you decide to visit the bridge in Cologne, please don’t step in my heart.  I was so happy, I didn’t even reach down and scoop it up.