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Sweet Giggles | KMC Portrait Photographer

I’d been waiting for this shoot for months!  When Mom called and told me she wanted wild flowers and white dresses, I couldn’t wait.  Add sweet little girls to the mix, with giggles and I was more than excited!  I’m not used to giggled secrets here in a house full of nerf guns and video games.

Even with the bugs and the Ants in MY pants, it couldn’t have been a more perfect shoot!


Sweet girl | KMC Family Photographer



I love to help welcome new family members.  This sweet girl was no exception.  I know that she has been keeping her family up at all hours and sneaking into bed to snuggle up with little boys.  It’s just a “get to know each other” process.  It might seem hard at first, but they are all loving it!  And Mom is right, “Every boy needs a Dog.”  We totally agree in this house!



A little Sunshine | KMC Portrait Photographer

Okay, maybe not a little, A LOT of SUNSHINE!  Loving this very uncommon weather we are having in Germany right now.  So with all that sunshine outside, here’s a little sunshine for your computer!

It was his 1st Birthday!  A very special birthday for a little guy with very special parents and a very special story.  The love they have is infectious!  I was happily infected when the session was over, and sang happy songs in my car all the way home!  My heart is still happy!


I’m late! I’m late!….|KMC Newborn Photographer

First of all let me just say, TIME JUST FLIES when you aren’t looking!


I was just taking a look at ye ol’ blog and noticed how long it actually was since my last post.

Between spring break, various last minute TDY’s, Sophie’s relapse, and my latest little adventure wherein I just up and ran away for a week, the blog didn’t get updated.

Eh, it’s Life and I’m living it, and loving EACH AND EVERY MINUTE OF IT!  (I also crossed a few things off my “Birthday List” last week.  More on that later!)

Just wanted to pop on real quick and show you a few more shots of the sweet little bunny.  Her room is all decked out in vintage Alice in Wonderland, so the little bunny shots are perfect for her room!  I can’t wait to see it, and I’m going to have to drop by so that I can take a peek!  Plus, I’m feeling a little like that Rabbit myself, running around with a watch, trying to catch up.

Little ones are just so precious, don’t you agree?!

Kelly | KMC Senior Portrait Photographer

I have been out of the country a bit this past week.  It was a super spur of the moment opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up.  That’s honestly way I love to travel.  Just jump on the plane and go!  In fact this trip was so amazing that I might just do that more often!  Anyway,  one day as I was driving back to the hotel, I saw a beautiful sailboat out on the water and couldn’t wait to get out there and take a few shots of it!  As I was running to grab all the necessary equipment that I thought I would need, a friend looked at me and said, “That is how you see everything isn’t it!  In a picture!”   And truthfully it is!

The Purple Door is one of those “I’ve seen it in a picture” moments.  I pass by this door several times a week, and each time I’ve thought that I need to find the right person to photograph in front of it!    When I met Kelly for our session, I KNEW she was the one, so I convinced her family to go with me and we headed to the Purple Door.  These images are just what I had hoped they would be, and I’ve since changed the name to “Kelly’s Door”.

Lots of Blog posts coming your way in the next week.  I’ll be back in Germany for a bit before heading out again, and I have so much to share with you from past sessions as well as new ones in the next couple of weeks.   As of right now I’m booked through mid August, so if you are interest in a Fall shoot, now is the time to schedule.    I have several “I’ve seen it in a picture” locations planned and would love to have you or your family in one of them!

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May 15, 2011 - 8:51 am

Kelly S - What a natural beauty!

May 16, 2011 - 9:04 am

- A Kelly commenting on a Kelly! LOVE IT! Thanks Kelly S…excited to get you on here as well!